Airport Angels Airport Sending Service

Airport Sending Service

As Airport Angels, located at the airport and 7/24 service with our crews in every detail of your flight planned with our airport sending service, you and your guests are welcomed by our airport drop-off team at the entrance of the terminal, to carry out your transactions related to your journey, taking the baggage of our customers to take care of your pre-flight operations input is made to the terminal.

In addition to our baggage delivery service, the procedures such as check-in and delays in your flight will take care of our professional team, and our friendly hosts and hostesses will take care of all the necessary procedures for you to have a pleasant trip. In addition, if you wish, you can use our private service that delivers the information about the delays of the flight to the passanger or the passenger’s relatives. So you can enjoy your journey without losing time and tired with the baggage transportation service that our company accompanies until your flight.